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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The Job

The Dynamic Specialized team has been hard at work the past couple of months. First Energy was constructing a new substation in the foothills of Pennsylvania. Dynamic was called on to transport all nine of the 230,000 LBS Siemens and ABB transformers from rail to pad. The challenge you ask? All nine of the Siemens transformers were brought in by rail car 22 miles away. This presented a problem and Dynamic Specialized Services had the solution.

The substation was located in a rural area at the top of a Pennsylvania mountain. The roads ahead consisted of hairpin turns, grades of 15%, transmission lines, and bridges. Overpasses and creeks, steep up hill roads through the mountains made the transport very difficult. When your overall rig is sitting at just over 375,000 LBS under these conditions there is a lot that could go wrong. That's why our project managers spend hours planning for every possible scenario.

The Process

The transformers came in by rail car at a local rail facility. Normally, they come in on a lowboy style rail car. Not this time, this time they came in on a standard rail car. This made for a dangerous jack and slide operation because once off the rail the 230,000 LBS transformer would be sitting on jenga blocks seven feet in the air, making for a less favorable and very time consuming evolution.

After 12 hours of jacking and sliding the transformer onto our Faymonville modular trailer using our Hydra-Slide system, Dynamic was ready for the five hour trip up the mountain.

Once on location the long process repeats itself. Our seven man team worked safely and efficiently using the jack and slide method to move each Siemens and ABB transformers to the pad. Each transformer consumed 140 man hours from start to finish. With over 1000 hours invested in all nine transformers, Dynamic Specialized completed the job flawlessly ahead of schedule and on budget.

From The Owner

Josh Sohler "Moving transformers in the dead of winter is no small feat. I am proud of our team of professionals and all that they do. Their dedication to the company is what makes us "Dynamic".


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